Who we are

MONDOPHARMA Srl, is a company founded in 2015, which produces cosmetics and galenics, in particular cosmetic lines dedicated to children distributed on the national and international market. Some product lines were born in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples which took care of the "dermatological patch tests" and is equipped with advanced production lines and highly specialized know-how that provides high quality productions on pharmaceutical protocol and safety.


  • Own product lines::

In 2016, MONDOPHARMA Srl, acquired the worldwide exclusive concession for the sale and distribution of galenic products in large-scale distribution, with the Ramini® brand of medical devices, the Oroline® line and the Sweettles Baby® baby cosmetic line.


  • Own and private label productions:

Mondopharma is structured to produce its own product lines, on behalf of third parties and private labels.

The company is able to develop and produce items starting from the product concept, without providing any recipe. It is organized to develop formulations, define formats, packaging and proceed with production.

Mondopharma is already a production partner of some leading companies in the sector with products from the cosmetic, galenic and parapharmaceutical lines.


  • Process quality and certifications:

Mondopharma is a company with an ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality system. Quality and customer satisfaction are primary company objectives.

Research and development, production, storage and logistics are managed on the basis of protocols of the Pharmaceutical sector which improves quality levels.

Cosmetic products produced by Mondopharma are registered on the CPNP European Community portal as required by EU regulation 1223/2009, while Medical Devices are registered on the Italian Ministry of Health Portal, as required by EU Directive 42/1993.


  • Research and development laboratory:

The research, development and quality control laboratories set the most modern equipment necessary for chemical and microbiological controls. Furthermore, collaboration protocols with certified laboratories are active.


  • Production lines:

Production always takes place in a protected environment thanks to new generation machinery designed for pharmaceutical production. Below is a photo of the Comas RF2000, a versatile packing machine that can produce up to 3500 pcs / h.


  • Logistic warehouse:

The warehouse is organized according to the first in - first out system and covers approximately 800 square meters, divided as a pharmaceutical protocol into storage of: Raw Materials, Subsidiary Materials, Finished Products and Order Assembly.

The environment is air-conditioned to ensure a constant temperature of about 25 °.