About Us

MONDOPHARMA Srl, is a company founded in 2015, which produces cosmetics, in particular cosmetic lines dedicated to children distributed on the national and international market. Some product lines were created in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples, which has been responsable of the "dermatological patch tests". In 2016, MONDOPHARMA Srl, thanks to the partnership with the company Pharmaceutica Srl, acquired the worldwide exclusive concession for the sale and distribution of galenic products in the GDO, with the Ramini brand of medical devices and line Oroline®. In 2017, it was signed between MONDOPHARMA Srl and Pharmaceutica Srl, a mandate without representation where it is established that MONDOPHARMA Srl takes care of the financial and industrial interests of Pharmaceutica Srl, thus establishing a synergy that will produce commercial and financial benefits in the next 3 years.